About Frank M Bellocchio Jr

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Frank M. Bellocchio Jr. began his academic study of computers during the mid 90’s, traveling across the United States. During his initial research Frank discovered the power of interconnected social / computer networks. While spending time in library, Frank discovered new access to information outside the physical space. Meaning for the first time, he learned from sources not in a physical book or information inside the brick and mortar of the library.

“I remember, when I began to access online resources available through the network of libraries for the first time and understanding the interconnection of information.”

Frank was able to appreciate the use of computers and the learning experiences they could provide. A few months later Frank returned home and began his studies in multimedia, programming, and all of the intangibles that come from working in the computer industry over the years.

During an interview or phone conversation we can discuss in more detail the projects listed below:

Government – Phila.gov, Pennsylvania Department of Health

Pharmaceuticals – eLearning

Manufacturing – ShoeRebels.com

Financial – Pennmont.com

Wholesale and Distribution – Globe Footwear, Cagiva USA

Software Development – Americantelephony.com

EMR & PM – Budgets, Installation and UX

ERP – SAP Business One

Project Management – Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa